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Hendry Emma
Hendry Emma

Use a full size sex doll as a way to explore new sexual experiences together. This can include trying out different positions, role-playing scenarios, or simply enjoying the doll's presence during intimate moments.

Fulfillment of Fantasy: Full size sex doll can help fulfill the fantasies of one or both parties. Discuss these fantasies openly and use the doll as a safe outlet to explore them without pressure. Gradually introduce the full size sex doll into your intimate life. Start with less intimate activities, such as dressing or positioning the doll, to build comfort and familiarity.

Mutual enjoyment: Make sure both parties enjoy the experience. The goal is to enhance satisfaction and pleasure for both parties, not to make one party uncomfortable. With the consent of both parties, you can try investing in a silicone sex doll that can be used for a long time to make each other look forward to sex.


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