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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Benefit from Centralized IT Management with LabStats Hardware & Software Tracking

Every University and college should have a clear understanding of how resources are being used by their students and staff.  

LabStats is an IT tracking tool that helps higher ed institutions to track, manage, and optimize IT resource allocation across campus. LabStats hardware and software tracking is used by thousands of colleges around the world to optimize IT usage, minimize wastage of resources, and meet student demands for their success. 

With LabStats, you get current and historical real-time insights that help you understand your IT environment better and eliminate overspending on unused resources. You can get actionable data in an easy-to-use dashboard to make informed decisions. 

Benefits of Using LabStats 

·        Simplified Student Access

LabStats has a centralized dashboard to provide access to students to hardware and software resources on campus and remotely. Students get a live map of the nearest available systems to minimize time wastage. 

·        Data-driven Decisions

With real-time usage tracking of when, where, and how hardware and software are used, you can allocate resources effectively to meet student needs and pave the way for their success. 

·        Data Analysis at Scale 

With LabStats hardware and software tracking, you get access to swathes of live and historical usage data. 

Many universities and colleges have chosen LabStats to make data-backed decisions. Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to to schedule a free trial or a walkthrough and join them.  



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