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Madden 24: Ranking the Top 10 Quarterbacks

Madden 24 has brought a wave of Madden 24 coins excitement to the gaming community, particularly with the influx of new quarterbacks. The landscape of the game is constantly evolving, and with the addition of quarterback discounts, the top 10 quarterback list has seen a significant shakeup. In this article, we'll delve into the rankings, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each quarterback, and explore the ever-important realm of Madden Ultimate Team.

Number 10: Troy Aikman

Starting off the list at number 10 is Troy Aikman. Despite his descent from the top spot in previous rankings, Aikman remains a viable option. With 92 throw power and well-rounded stats, his only drawback is his lack of speed, making him a bit of a statue on the field. However, his Legend x-factors and potential combination of abilities like How Master and Sephi Lead make him a worthy inclusion in Madden Ultimate Team.

Number 9: Warren Moon

Warren Moon claims the 9th spot on the list, standing out as a fast How Master quarterback. Although he misses out on Sephi Lead, his speed compensates for it. Moon provides an affordable option for those looking to bolster their quarterback position without breaking the bank. While his release may not be the fastest, his overall package is commendable.

Number 8: Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford secures the 8th position with a solid performance in Madden 24. With Sephi Lead in his arsenal, Stafford boasts impressive stats across the board. While lacking How Master, his overall performance on the field is noteworthy. Madden enthusiasts will find Stafford to be one of the more reliable options for their Ultimate Team.

Number 7: Dan Marino

Dan Marino claims the 7th spot with underrated attributes. Despite a slight dip in speed, Marino compensates with accuracy. The flexibility to choose between Sephi Lead and How Master adds strategic depth to his gameplay. Marino's ability to activate X-factors further enhances his utility on the field.

Number 6: Patrick Mahomes

At number 6, Patrick Mahomes maintains his popularity on the field. Although his price has dropped, Mahomes remains a strong contender. Boasting solid speed and the choice between How Master and Sephi Lead, he provides a versatile option for gamers. The only caveat is his occasionally inconsistent release, making the experience a mixed bag for players.

Number 5: Michael Vick

Michael Vick claims the 5th position, standing out as the fastest quarterback in the game. With impressive stats and a unique ability in Backyard Quarterback, Vick brings a dynamic element to Madden 24. While missing out on Sephi Lead, his speed and playmaking potential make him a valuable asset for those willing to explore different playstyles.

Number 4: Joe Flacco

Surprisingly securing the 4th position is Joe Flacco. Equipped with the valuable Slinger 1 ability and decent speed, Flacco defies expectations. His Fearless attribute adds a layer of versatility, and with How Master available for just 1 AP, he becomes an underrated gem in Madden 24.

Number 3: Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson takes the 3rd spot with his remarkable attributes. Boasting 91 speed and a combination of abilities like Sephi Lead, Richardson brings a potent mix to the quarterback position. His affordable price buy mut 24 coins makes him an attractive option for those looking to upgrade without breaking the bank.

Number 2: Otto Graham

Otto Graham secures the 2nd spot, standing out with a generic release and the coveted Set Feet Lead stack. As one of the two quarterbacks in the game with this combination, Graham's versatility and reliable performance make him a top-tier choice for Madden players.

Number 1: Jalen Hurts

Claiming the top spot is Jalen Hurts, a quarterback identical to Otto Graham but with an extra edge in speed and overall stats. As the current quarterback of choice for many gamers, Hurts epitomizes the ideal balance of attributes, including the coveted Set Feet Lead stack. While some may express concern about the Paranoid trait, Hurts' widespread usage in competitive play suggests that its impact might be less significant than anticipated.

In Madden 24, the quarterback position is more dynamic than ever, with a plethora of options to suit different playstyles and budgets. Whether you opt for the speed of Michael Vick, the strategic flexibility of Dan Marino, or the well-rounded attributes of Jalen Hurts, the game offers a diverse range of choices to elevate your Madden Ultimate Team experience. As the season progresses, new cards and updates will continue to shape the quarterback landscape, ensuring that Madden enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to in the ever-evolving world of virtual football.


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